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Empowering communities.

Energizing the future.


Creating a strong foundation for energy education and climate literacy.

What we do

Allies in Energy is a nonprofit (501 c3) community of business leaders, investors, and philanthropists working in partnership to increase energy and climate literacy education and investments for an equitable transition. We believe education is freedom.  Education empowers communities with a framework to be innovative, productive, and affect social change. To achieve a lower carbon future, we focus our investments in energy education and climate literacy with united action.  


Energy Education & Climate Literacy

Empower individuals, organizations, and schools with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to inspire future leaders and enable energy workforce readiness.

United Action

Curate meaningful networks and investments to harness the strength of collective efforts to address the opportunities presented by the changing energy landscape.

Our programs

Creating a strong foundation for energy education and climate literacy takes your support.  In 2024, we're raising $1.5M to fund our initiatives. 

Houston park in the autumn
Houston Energy & Climate Week
Catalyzing collaboration, dialogue, and solutions-oriented thinking

Allies in Energy is anchor host for the first ever, Houston Energy & Climate Week. 


Middle School and High School Kids in Houston
Investing in education to develop the workforce for a lower carbon future

Allies in Energy provides capital to support K-12 public school partners programs, trade schools and college students seeking careers in energy and climate.

Houston Skyline with energy background with solar farm, wind turbine and oil derrick
Empower and create positive, lasting societal change in the Greater Houston area

The Allies Annual Fund directly supports our operating expenses and community efforts and is integral to the organization’s ability to provide service hours and investment in our literacy projects. 

Our Partners

K-12 Teachers
College to Climate
College to Industry
Energy Institute
High School: 9th-12th
Energy Terminal
College to Industry
BIPOC to Industry
YWCPA Preparatory
Girls : STEM - Grades 6-12
Lean In Girls
Girls: Grades 6-12

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