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Educating and engaging the next generation of energy leaders.

Critical Insights into Gen Z, Purpose and the Future of Work

Preparing the Next Gen

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it's clear that the future of work will be heavily influenced by it. In order for businesses to stay competitive, they must adapt to these changes and embrace the latest advancements in technology. But what does this mean for the workforce of tomorrow? How will education need to change in order to prepare students for jobs that may not even exist yet?

The answer lies in understanding how technology is shaping both the job market and education systems around the world.  It also means engaging the next generation in ways the energy industry hasn't tapped fully.  Our EnergyGenZ campaign raises funding to establish communications channels that reach the next generation where they are. By providing them with information and resources, we can encourage their interest in energy and guide them toward careers in the industry. Consider these trends:

Will be 30% of the US workforce in four years. This is the most educated, tech savvy generation yet.  The war on terror and Great Recession shapes their world view.  They dream big and have a “we can change the world” attitude.

GenZ is the first generation to prioritize purpose over money.  Called the “Change Generation” due to passion and desire to make a difference through work and need to see connection between what they are doing and broader social impact.

You have 8 seconds to get attention - they want to be "edutained". This generation uses 5 screens at once, they think in 4, To reach them, tell authentic and compelling stories.  Video is a very important way to reach them.


Help us reach the nextGen

As technology continues to advance, so do the generations that interact with it. The next generation, also known as Gen Z or digital natives, are born into a world where smartphones and social media are a part of everyday life. This group makes up over 25% of the global population and is quickly becoming the largest consumer demographic.  We're creating digital channels that reach K-12 and post-secondary students who will become the workforce of the future.

We're also investing in programming developed by our partner organizations and leveraging materials created that need visibility and deployment.  Allies in Energy grants funding to programs that create scale around energy and climate literacy while also actively promoting and deploying programs that already exist.  We seek to accelerate the deployment of programming in communities across the United States with existing and planned new production facilities.  Our approach is about targeting needs in communities and developing the next generation at scale.